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before reaching the Deer Cave, which at 120 metres high provides a unique opportunity to view a variety of birds,
and 100 metres wide is the world’s largest discovered insects and plants that cannot be seen from the ground.
cave passage. The cave is home to the world’s largest Guided tours (RM 35, approx 2 hrs) leave the Park HQ daily.
known bat colony comprising several million bats from
12 diferent species, and their droppings and remains The 30 metre Tree Top Tower and bird hide, 10 mins
have created a thriving and complex ecosystem on the from the Park HQ, provides the opportunity to observe
canopy birds swooping through the branches. During
cave loor. The billions of invertebrates include a unique fruiing season there is a chance to see hornbills or
species of luminous cenipede, and cave racer snakes macaques feeding on the fruits of the ig trees that
and pythons can occasionally be seen. The huge cave surround the hide. No charge but a refundable RM
passage was formed by an ancient river that carved 50 key deposit is required. Bird watchers can arrange
the spectacular scalloped walls and let a number of private use of the tower for dawn (5-8am) and dusk (5-
fascinaing rock formaions; at one point it is possible 8pm), enquire at the oice for fees and reservaions.
to see a remarkably lifelike proile of Abraham Lincoln
outlined at the cave entrance. The Medicine Plant Trail (1 hr, RM 10) is a guided tour
The nearby Langs Cave is altogether smaller and more of the plants used by the indigenous people to survive
in the rainforest, whether as food, medicine, or to make
inimate, with elegant rock shawls and cave curtains, everyday implements. It also includes the opportunity
dramaic stalagmites and stalacites, and unusual to try some of the edible plants.
rim stone pools on the cave loor. From the cave exit,
visitors usually walk over to the Bat Observatory, The guided Night Shit (1hr, RM 10) winds its way
to view the mass exodus as millions of bats emerge through 7 diferent types of vegetaion and ofers the
from the vast entrance of the cave to forage in the opportunity to see many diferent Mulu plant species,
rainforest between 5.50 and 6.30 pm. This is a unique including pitcher plants, as well as species only visible at
and memorable display, as the huge locks of bats ly in night, such as ire-lies and luorescent fungi.
rapidly shiting spiral formaions to confuse predators.
Occasionally the bats fail to emerge, and visitors who The 4-5 hr Paku Waterfall Trail is a self-guided walk that
wish to return the next day without visiing the caves passes through peatswamp forest to a small waterfall
may do so provided they noify the park HQ irst. The on the banks of the Paku River, an ideal spot for a picnic
walk back along the steadily darkening plankwalk is lunch and a refreshing swim.
enhanced by the sounds of frogs and cicadas and the
sight of hundreds of irelies amongst the trees. The all-day Camp 1 Trail (RM 105) coninues past Paku
Waterfall and passes near a spectacular ‘strangling ig’
Visitors may opt for the Garden of Eden tour package before proceeding through prisine rainforest to one
(RM105 inclusive of all four show caves, longboat and of the camps used during the 1977 Royal Geographic
lunch), proceeding the rear entrance of the Deer Cave, Society Expediion. If you wish to stay overnight in the
climbing down to the underground river and wading rainforest, a basic forest hut provides shelter.
and scrambling to the glowing pool of light and water
at the far end of the cave. Intrepid visitors will enjoy The Long Langsat tour (RM 125) is a longboat trip down
spectacular scenery and can a swim in a secluded the Sungai Melinau and up the Sungai Tutoh to the
mountain pool. Prior booking is essenial. small Long Lansat stream, where crystal clear waters
cascade down a narrow valley between steep slopes.
Adventure Caving: This is a great way of geing to know On the way back you can visit the Penan community at
Long Iman and learn about their way of life.
Mulu’s caves, and involves wading, swimming, climbing,
crawling with your face to the loor and geing covered
in dirt. The Park HQ provides qualiied guides, caving
helmets and headlamps. The caves are graded in order
of ability. The Lagangs Cave trip (3 hrs) is suitable for
beginners and family groups as it does not involve
climbing. The intermediate Racer Cave trip (3 hrs) ofers
the chance to view remarkable cave dwelling shakes and
invertebrates, and requires a reasonable level of itness
and upper body strength. The Clearwater - Wind Cave
Connecion trip (6-8 hrs) with its excepionally beauiful
river secion requires advanced caving skills, as does the
Sarawak Chamber trip (10-15 hrs) to view the world’s
largest cave chamber. Full details are available at www.
The 3-day/2-night Pinnacles Trail (RM 325, max 6
Walks, Treks, Trails and Climbs: The 480 metre Mulu persons) leads to the remarkable limestone pinnacles
Canopy Skywalk is the longest tree-based walkway in near the peak of Gunung Api (1732m). The irst day
the world. The complex ecosystem of the forest canopy involves a 3-4 hour boat journey to Long Berar, followed
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