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has been converted into a museum tracing the history River), an old bazaar about 10 minutes by road from the
of medical care in Sarawak. Open Tue - Sun 9 am - 5 pm. town centre. The pleasant walking trail along the river
front (the water really is red, changing occasionally to
The elegant and modern Masland Methodist Church in yellow!) leads through a quaintly landscaped park
Hoover Square, JlanPulau, is the direct descendant of to the Wong Nai Siong Memorial Garden, erected in
the church founded by American missionary Rev. James honour of the town’s principal founder and featuring
Hoover, the father of Sarawak Methodism, in 1905. a bronze statue of the missionary leader. The walk
concludes with the James Hoover Memorial Park,
The equally modern and imposing Sibu Mosque (Masjid commemoraing the renowned Methodist missionary
an-Nur) in Jalan Masjid features a gilded dome and and educator who worked with Sibu’s pioneering
freestanding minaret, as well as the Sarawak Heroes Foochow immigrants from 1903 to the 1930s. Take a
Mausoleum, where the remains of executed ani- taxi or Sungai Merah Bus 1A.
cession freedom-ighters Rosli Dhobi, Morshidi Sidek,
Awang Ramli Amit Mohd Deli and Bujang Suntong are The tradiional poteries
interred. around Sibu produce
excellent quality wares in
AROUND SIBU classic Teochew Chinese
style, albeit with strong
Bawang Assan is an local inluences. Visitors
Iban setlement of are welcome to watch
8 longhouses daing the poters at work at Toh

from the 18th Century, Brothers Potery, 8½ Mile Jln Oya, Tel: 344151. Take a
about 40 minutes taxi or contact a local tour operator.
from Sibu by boat or
road. It is paricularly Yu Lung San Tien En Si Temple Complex. Km 26, Jalan
appealing to visitors for Sibu-Bintulu.. Also known as the Jade Dragon Temple,
two reasons; irstly the this sprawling new temple complex, the largest in
longhouses range from Southeast Asia, features four main “dians” or devoional
the very tradiional to the halls. Its mission is to bring together devotees of
quite modern, so visitors can get a good idea of how Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism to worship
longhouses have evolved to keep pace with the imes; together. Its disingive and detailed architecture make
and secondly, many of the resident can speak excellent it a photographer’s paradise. Take a taxi. Bintulu-bound
English and are superb interpreters of their culture. buses also stop here.

13 families from the 8 longhouses are delighted to ACCOMMODATION
welcome visitors, ofering day trips and overnight
stays, with visitors accompanying the locals in their Accommodaion ranges from budget hostels to luxury
daily aciviies, such as padi planing and ishing. internaional hotels. The premises listed below are
Contact Mr Marcathy Gindau, Tel: 014 5828105, email: located in the central area and within easy walking, Mr Tuah Chad, Tel: 013 distance of tourist atracions. Star raings are shown
8327923, Mr Afred Ngelambung, Tel: 019 8193579 or where applicable, but many hotels do not apply for
Ms Susana Panyau, Tel: 013 5611045, for guided tours raing. Room rates are shown in bands as follows. Many
and overnight stays. For transport call Mr Broken, Tel: properies have rooms in more than one band.
019 8361134 or Mdm Uban, Tel: 019 4389749. Band A : RM Under RM 50
Band B : RM 50 - 149
Bukit Aup Jubilee Park is a 24-acre cluster of low hills Band C : RM 150 - 299
with a lookout tower ofering views of the surrounding Band D : RM 300 plus
plantaions, longhouses and the Igan River. The tower,
located on the park’s highest peak (59m), is oten visited All addresses are 96000 Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia.
by local Ibans bringing oferings to a benevolent spirit, Telephone dialling code is +6084 from overseas and 084
the Naga Bari, which is believed to help people in need. within Malaysia.
There are picnic huts, a canteen, a suspension bridge
over a small lake which is good for photo opportuniies, Internaional/Business Class Hotels
and jogging and walking trails. Open daily 8 am - 6 pm. Kingwood Hotel (4*), 12 Lorong Lanang 4, Tel: 335888.
Admission free. Take a taxi (15 min) or Teku Bus 2 or 3. Band C-D
Premier Hotel (3*) , Sarawak House Complex, Jln
The Sungai Merah Heritage Walk visits the site of the Kampung Nyabor, Tel: 323222.
earliest Chinese setlements in Sibu, Sungai Merah (Red Band C-D
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