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FORMS (e- Forms)

e-Forms is an online central repository for electronic forms from
various Sarawak Government agencies. These downloadable forms are
frequently used by the general public and organizational bodies in their
dealings with the State Government. The forms are organized according
to Ministries, Departments, Resident & District Offices, Local Authorities
and Statutory Bodies.
How to acquire the e-forms?

Page 10 • Click to view the e-forms offered by various organizations

Download and print the desired e-form

Submit or fax the form to the address of the relevant
• Fill in the details as required
organizations as stated on the form.

State Agencies offering e-form are :

Ministry of Environment and Public Health
Ministry of Industrial Development and Tourism
Ministry of Planning and Resources Management
Ministry of Housing
Islamic Religious Department
Social Welfare Department
Public Work Department
General Administration Unit, Chief Minister’s Department
Human Resource Management Unit, Chief Minister’s Department
Treasury Department
Agriculture Department

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