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e-Recruitment is conve-
nient and efficient to use and
automates the entire recruit-
ment process in terms of stor-
ing applicants information,
publishing vacant posts, expe-
diting short listing procedures
and interview notifications
and evaluations. It is designed
to reduce costs and speed on new information such as in-
up their recruitment process. terview time, date and venue.
This makes e-Recruitment a qual-
Registered users are able ity job application and selection
to state job preferences, receive management system.
notifications via e-mail or sms
(short messaging services) when As of 20 February 2008,
a job match is entered into the about 95,516 applicants had reg-
database system, and also check istered with e-Recruitment. Since
on the status of their applica- its implementation, this online
tions. An e-mail or sms will alert service had advertised and proc- Page 9
applicants of any changes in ap- essed 388 vacancies published
plication status or update them online by 16 State Government

E-Government Services at your ingertips 24-7
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