Continuous Political Stability & Harmony

Sarawak enjoys political stability under the Federal and State governments of the Barisan Nasional (BN) which was formed in 1970s.

The State government strongly supports business-friendly and customer-focused policies and also encourages economic activities that enhance economic growth and investment potential.

There are strong cooperation and collaborative efforts by both the Federal and State governments on industrial and investment policies. this provides long term security that is conducive to business profitability for investors.The stable political environment is a major factor that lures foreign investors to this land of great potential.


Business Friendly Government & Efficient Administration

The Governor is the Yang Di-Pertua Negeri or Head of State while the Right Hounourable Chief Executive of the Sarawak Government who heads the State Cabinet.

Currently, the State Cabinet comprising of 9 Ministries and 20 Assistant Ministers. The State Cabinet is the executive arm of the government that carries out the policies drawn up by the legislative assembly through the Sarawak Civil Service.

The State Legislative Assembly of Sarawak, also known as Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN), is a unicameral legislature comprising of 71 members.

The judiciary interprets the laws and regulations passed by the legislative assembly.

The pro business approach of the Sarawak Government is well supported by the business sector. The whole government machinery not only supports the needs of the industry but also helps solve any problems arises.

The Sarawak Government advocates its regulatory framework with care, business friendly, transparent and always administers its works with clear regulations. The public policies have always been investor-friendly. Procedures for obtaining licenses and permits are transparent and not burdensome.

In general, Sarawak has put in place clear policies, efficient and transparent government machinery and effective mechanisms to facilitate investors' participation in its economy.