Quality of Life

Sarawak has safe, clean and pleasant working and living conditions. Standards of living have improved significantly over the past two decades, and foreign investors and their families can be assured of a high quality of life.

With all modern facilities and amenities, visitors from abroad will find it easy to blend in with the local community and adapt to the culture.

There is a wide choice of public and private schools to cater for the international community. Tunku Putra International School and Lodge International are the top two such schools. There are also several local colleges and universities that offer twinning programmes with countries like United Kingdom and Australia.

Kuching City and the major towns in Sarawak have facilities to cater for all kinds of sport: tennis and squash courts, swimming pools, soccer pitches and international standard golf courses such as the Sarawak Golf Club (KGS) and Sarawak Club, a private club with an 18-hole course.

Like most of the urban centres, Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu and Miri have many entertainment spots, recreational parks, restaurants and shopping complexes

Developers have provided a wide selection of comfortable and affordable housing for rent or purchase. Employees from abroad are permitted to purchase houses or condominiums under the Special Development Areas (SDA) scheme which have strata titles.

Type of House
(within city center)
Monthly Rental (RM)
Price per unit
Single Storey Terrace  500 - 600  90,000 - 140,0000 
Double Storey Terrace  650 - 800  160,000 - 230,000 
Double Storey Semi-Detached  900 - 1,200  280,000 - 500,000 
Double Storey Detached  1,400 - 2,000  450,000 - 2,000,000 

Note: The rental or purchase price for each type of house will vary depending on the locality.

Good Leisure Centres & Excellent Recreational Facilities

Government-run sports centres, privately-run recreational clubs and other leisure facilities are available in the major towns of Sarawak. Medical and health care facilities are easily accessible. The overall environment is clean, refreshing and tranquil.

There are good healthcare and medical facilities, world-class educational institutions, excellent recreational and sports facilities, various food, shopping and entertainment outlets, beach resorts, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and fun leisure and outdoor activities organised throughout the year.

The Damai Golf Course, Borneo Highland Golf Course and Kelab Golf Sarawak (Sarawak Golf Club) in Kuching are all fine venues for golf enthusiasts. There are also excellent golf courses in Miri City and Sibu.

There are well-equipped fitness centres, gymnasiums and public pools throughout the major towns of Sarawak.

Good Health Care & Medical Facilities

Generally, all Government general hospitals provide free treatment for Government employees and charge a minimal fee for non-Government employees and tourists.

In Kuching city, the medical equipment at Kuching General Hospital is up-to-date - its latest facility being the cardiac centre. The Normah Medical Specialists Centre, Kuching Specialist Centre and Timberland Medical Specialists Centre are private hospitals with medical staff, locally and internationally trained, whose medical qualifications and experience are highly regarded.

Based on figures from the Malaysian Medical Association, consultation fees from general practitioners/physicians/pediatricians/psychiatrists are reasonable, ranging from RM30.00 to RM180.00.