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Knowledge exchange and resource sharing

A centralized network of libraries provides you with a one-stop search engine
industriously searching across multiple library collections. This way, a major city
library could open and share its resources online with a smaller library in a town
of another locality. If you are in the smaller library, you can perform a search func-
tion, browse and select from the collection in the major city library. Inter-library
loan is arranged when a particular book is required by you.

16 Online Libraries

- Bintulu Development Authority Public Library
- DBKU City Library
- JKR Resource Center
- Kanowit Public Library
- KASKA Library
- Kolej Bersatu Sarawak Library
- Kota Sentosa Public Library
- Miri City Council Public Library Page 19
- Mukah Public Library
- Sri Aman District Council Public Library
- Pustaka Miri
- Pustaka Negeri Sarawak
- Sarikei Public Library
- Sibu Municipal Council Public Library
- Swinburne U. T. (S.C) Library
- UCS - Institut Eksekutif

E-Library services provided by the State Library

The State Library (Pustaka) initiated e-Library services through online
databases in a variety of subject matters such as e-books, e-journals and other
sources of information, which provides more than 100,000 collections of materials
from general interest database to newspapers, reference books, magazines and
trade publications. As a registered members of the State Library, you can find
and access articles on a wide range of topics – current events, popular culture,
business and industry trends, arts and sciences, health, engineering standards,
sports, hobbies and so forth – online, anytime, anywhere.

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