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move with the times… Get IT . Try IT . Use IT .


When we talk about libraries, images of books, magazines, even maps,
tapes and cassettes come into mind. Libraries have existed for ages and till
today, still play a critical role as a central resource for information and research.
However, libraries have evolved from being just information resource centres
to become communication and learning hubs with the advancement in digital
technology and the Internet known as the information age.

The information age through the Internet provides a vast gateway
into infinite knowledge, not only for the gathering of information but also the
dissemination of information. The Internet thus enables libraries to become
digitalized, shifting from being conventional physical buildings to become
web-based borderless entities.

Breaking of library walls and going beyond hours
No rushing to the library before closing hours to read, do research, borrow or
return books. You can just sit back and connect online to begin your research
work anytime, anywhere.

E-Government Services at your ingertips 24-7
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