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in clean and hygienic new surroundings, Sibu Municipal
Sibu’s recovery began in the early 1950s, with the
advent of mechanised logging. The town became the Council has created a visual feast for visitors. Highlights
principal centre for the imber industry in Sarawak, are the Iban ladies selling exoic fruits, jungle produce
and huge fortunes were made. From the 1960s to handicrats, and the Chinese poultry sellers who
the late 1980s Sibu boomed along with the imber ofer live chickens and ducks neatly wrapped in tubes
trade, and downstream industries such as sawmilling, fashioned from old newspapers.
plywood manufacturing and even shipbuilding were
established. From the early 1990s onwards, the imber The Rejang Esplanade

industry in Sibu began a gradual decline as more an atracively
sustainable logging pracices were introduced and landscaped promenade
imber quotas imposed. However the town coninued stretching from the
to grow thanks to its strategic importance as the major Express Boat Terminal
port and commercial centre for the enire Rejang Basin. to the Kingwood Hotel,
and includes the Hii’s
ATTRACTIONS Associaion Playground.
Couring couples, anglers,
Sibu’s Town Centre is very compact and easily covered al-fresco diners and sightseers lock here every evening
on foot. The narrow crowded streets are crammed to enjoy the riverfront scenery and view the Swan
with shops selling everything from naive handicrats Statue, the emblem of Sibu.
to designer fashions, and there seems to be an old
fashioned cofee shop on almost every corner. The The vibrant Night Market (Jln Market, between Jln
following atracions are all within easy walking distance Lintang and Jln Bengkel) sets up every aternoon around
of the town centre and all major hotels. 5 pm and operates unil 10 pm or later. The stalls ofer
household goods, footwear, fashion items, and of
Sibu Central Market, on Jln Channel opposite the course food. Cakes, steamed buns, satay, pastries,
Express Boat Passenger Terminal, is the largest and most dumplings and many other kinds of local delicacies are
interesing daily market in Sarawak. By combining the on sale here, with shoppers happily snacking as they
former wet market and the naive Lembangan market wander from stall to stall.
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