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The concept of Electronic Government or E-Government
is initiated with the aim to lead Sarawak into the Information
Age. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) plays an
increasingly significant role in everyday life. ICT revolutionize work,
leisure and the ways businesses are conducted. ICT applications
also enhance the delivery of goods and services to people by
improving the process and management of government.

E-Government utilizes ICT or online services to enhance the
access to and delivery of government services to benefit the people,
business partners and employees. It also assists in strengthening the Page 3
drive towards effective governance and increased transparency to
better manage socio-economic resources for future development.

The Sarawak State Government, has successfully initiated
and implemented nine (9) online services and three (3) information
services to effectively and efficiently distribute services to the
people without time and space constraints. The nine online
services are Paybills Malaysia, e-Booking, e-Recruitment, e-Form, e-
Talikhidmat, e-Request, e-Scholarship, e-Registration and e-Library.
The three information services are Panoramic Images of Sarawak,
Interactive City Maps and Real-time Hydrological Information.

An overview of the nine online services and three informa-
tion services is provided in this booklet. For more information on
each of these e-Government online services/ applications, please
visit us at

E-Government Services at your ingertips 24-7
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