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Payment channels:

CIMB Bank AmBank Public Bank - MEPS FPX
Mobile Money Bank Islam - MEPS FPX
RHB Bank Visa/ MasterCard via
Hong Leong Bank
Biller Agencies:

Assessment Bills, Compound Parking and Rental of Facilities

MP Padawan and all District Councils
Assessment Bills
Land and Survey Department at all Divisions
Land Rent & Premium
Kuching Water Board, Sibu Water Board and LAKU Management Sdn Bhd
Water Bills
Pustaka Negeri Sarawak
Membership Subscription
SESCO Page 5
Electricity Bills and E - Tender

Sarawak Club
Membership Subscription
Siliconet JASP
Jaring Top-Up
Telekom Malaysia Bhd & TM Net Sdn Bhd
Telecommunication Bills

Yayasan Sarawak
Student Loan Repayment
Ministry of Social Development & Urbanization
Rental of Stadiums and Civic Centres

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