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PAY BILLS ( Paybills Malaysia)

No waiting, no queu-
ing, no traffic jams or parking
frustrations… sounds good?
Yes, definitely and this is exactly
Page 4 to you. It is an online payment
what Paybills Malaysia offers

gateway, that allows you to pay
your bills at the ease and com-
fort of your home or office, any-
time of the day or night. In ad-
dition, you can pay bills through

Paybills Malaysia aggregates bills from multiple billers such as the
various payment channels provided by majority of the banks in Sarawak.
providers of electricity, water, telecommunication, assessment, land rent
and premium, and many others, onto one site, thereby providing a one-stop
web payment service to you, the customers. It is a secure online service,
which conforms to Industry Security Standards of SSL, encryption and ISO
8583 protocol. This means it is safe and secure to pay your bills online as
your personal information and data are protected and considered private
and confidential.

At Paybills Malaysia, you can also view and/ or print out your bill
statements and even receive e-mail notifications on the status of your
bills. Currently, there are 38 biller agencies providing various types of bills
for online payment with eight (8) banks as payment channels for you to

Paying your bills has never been made easier, so sign up with
Paybills Malaysia today.

E-Government Services at your ingertips 24-7
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