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e-Booking is an online booking system for using facilities belonging
to the Local Councils, Sarawak National Parks and Ministry of Social
Development & Urbanisation. These facilities encompass auditoriums,
sport halls, community halls, civic centres, football fields, stadiums, parks
and many more.

The system provides an
online booking request form.
Booking is subject to availability
of facility. These facilities can be
Page 6 booked for a variety of activities,
from exhibitions to functions,
events, training, sporting activi-
ties and so forth. Details of the
facilities are also made available
online providing you with a brief
introduction, contact information,
photo & map of the respective fa-

Besides facility booking, you can also book accommodations at
the Sarawak National Parks. Rest assured that all information submitted is
kept strictly confidential.

Miri City Council Sarawak Indoor Stadium Sarawak Outdoor Stadium

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