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TALIKHIDMAT (e-Talikhidmat)

TALIKHIDMAT serves as a one-
stop communication channel for the
public to reach government agen-
cies or non-government organiza-
tions (NGOs) in the State of Sarawak
concerning public services. Take this
scenario, you spotted a burst water
pipe late in the evening, and being
a civic-conscious person, you want
to report the leakage. Where do you
Page 12 mat @ 555999, that’s where and who.
go? Who do you contact? Talikhid-

In the event that you want to

post an enquiry, report an incident,
make a complaint, provide feedback
to the government agencies, NGOs or
State Government, all you have to do
regardless of the day and time is to
call the Talikhidmat Hotline: 555999.
This will direct you to a central call
centre to handle your queries, reports,
complaints or feedbacks. Besides
calling 555999, Talikhidmat can be
accessed through multiple channels
such as telephone (land line), mobile (handphone), fax, e-mail and online via
the Internet.
As a one-stop channel to reach the State Government, Talikhidmat
is positioned strategically as the platform to bridge the communication
gap between the public and various authorized agencies in the Sarawak
Government. Talikhidmat enables faster and efficient routing of cases to
relevant government agencies to ensure faster responses to public requests
and complaints.

With Talikhidmat’s 24 hrs x 7 days, round the clock telephone
and online web services, the public is able to make reports anytime. In
addition, the online service incorporates the added function where it
allows for posting and attachment of photos of incidents as well as allows
for status checking on pending cases or reviewing of resolved cases.

E-Government Services at your ingertips 24-7
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