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Malaysian Passport

Apply for Malaysian Passport

Passports / travel documents are the property of the Malaysian government and may be withdrawn at any time if the Malaysian Immigration Department is satisfied the passports / travel documents are used in contravention of the Passport Act 1966. The holder is fully responsible for the security of the passport / travel document.

The passports are valid for two or five years from the date of issue.

Only Malaysian citizens can apply for Malaysian passports at any Immigration Office or Malaysian Representative Offices.

If there is a balance of the passport validity of a maximum six months, it can be carried if there are at least two unused available pages, the passport is not lost or damaged, and there are no cases under investigation.

The passport fees are RM100 for two years or RM300 for three years.

Exemption of payment is given to the disabled on the condition that they produce a letter from the Welfare Department.

Payment can be made in cash, Postal Order or Crossed Bank Draft. The latter, in Malaysia, must be made out in the name of the Director-General of Immigration Malaysia or State Immigration Director. When overseas, the name of the Malaysian High Commissioner, Deputy Malaysian High Commissioner, Malaysian Ambassador or Malaysian Consulate General (where applicable) is to be used.

To apply for a passport, the applicant must appear at the Immigration Office or Malaysian Representative Offices abroad, and have completed Form Im.42-pin 1/97 -- which can be obtained from any Malaysian Immigration Office or downloaded .

Passport Renewal

If there is a balance of the passport validity of a maximum six months, it can be carried if there are at least two unused available pages, the passport is not lost or damaged, and there are no cases under investigation.

For applicants under 18, the same documents are required as for the first time application as well as the current Malaysia International Passport.

Applicants above 18 years, are only required to show their MyKad and the current Malaysia International Passport.

Restricted Passport to Brunei

The Malaysia Restricted Passport to Brunei Darussalam is a valid travel document issued to Malaysian citizens residing in Sabah, Sarawak and the Federal Territory of Labuan for the purpose of entering Brunei Darussalam.

Applications can be made at the Immigration Office in Sabah, Sarawak and Federal Territory of Labuan.

The Malaysia Restricted Passport to Brunei Darussalam is valid for a period of five years from the date of issue at a fee of RM150.

Lost Passport/Travel Document

A Police Report should be made as soon as possible and the matter is also to be reported to the Immigration Office.

Application for a replacement can be submitted at the nearest Immigration Office by submitting the application form with supporting documents, photocopy of police report and any other relevant documents.

Approval for the application of a replacement will depend on the decision of the panel.

Damaged Passport/Travel Document

Application for a new passport can be submitted at the nearest Immigration Office by submitting on application for a replacement and the approval will depend on the decision of the Immigration Department.

Border Pass (Malaysia - Indonesia)

This document is issued to Malaysian Citizens residing for six months and above in the Administrative District of Lundu, Bau, Kuching, Serian, Sri Aman and Lubok Antu in Sarawak as well as Pensiangan, Tenom, Sipitang and Tawau in the State of Sabah.

It is valid for one year from the date of issue and valid for multiple journeys. Permission will be granted to stay in Indonesia for 30 days for each entry.


Sarawak has a literacy rate of over 90 per cent. The Malaysian Ministry of Education (MOE) overseas schools at primary and secondary levels.

Primary education usually begins in the child’s seventh year and continues for six years.

Students usually enter secondary school in their 13th year, where they can continue for seven years until Upper Six to sit for Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) or Malaysian Higher School Certificate. This is required to enter public universities and is equivalent to A-Levels.

Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) or Malaysian Certificate of Education is taken in the fifth year of secondary school and is equivalent to O-Levels. SPM can be used to enter public and private pre-university and matriculation courses.

Early education

Having recognised the importance of early education, the State government is committed to the development of preschools. There are plans to establish preschools in rural longhouses and villages to ensure children in these areas get the head start they deserve educationally.

Majlis Pembangunan Pendidikan Awal Kanak-Kanak Sarawak (MPAKS) or Sarawak Children’s Early Education Development Council is also focusing on registering preschools in the State.

SeDidik Sdn Bhd is a non-profit organisation, which manages the Child and Family Development Programme for the Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC).

Conceived under SEDC's Community Development Division, Sedidik provides comprehensive human development services for children and families in Sarawak, with a focus on early childhood education.

The programmes are operated in 58 urban and rural centres, serving over 2,000 children.

Tertiary education

Sarawak is one of the country’s education hubs with both public and private institutions of higher learning.

Public Universities

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) was officially incorporated on December 24, 1992. It has nearly 6,000 students and over 1,450 staff. The university has eight faculties: Applied & Creative Arts, Cognitive Sciences & Human Development, Computer Science & Information Technology, Economics & Business, Engineering, Medicine & Health Sciences, Resource Science & Technology, as well as Social Sciences.

Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Sarawak has a current enrolment of about 4,000 full-time (80 per cent residential) and 800 part-time students. UiTM Sarawak offers 26 programmes ranging from certificate to PhD level, through full-time, off-campus and e-PJJ (distance learning).

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Bintulu Campus was opened in November 2001. It is home to the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences, which comprises five academic departments: Department of Crop Science, Department of Forestry Science, Department of Social Science, Department of Basic Science and Engineering, as well as Department of Animal Science and Fishery. The faculty offers qualifications from Diploma to PhD level.

Universiti Utara Malaysia offers three programmes at its off campus branches in Kuching and Sibu: Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours (BBA - Hons), Bachelor of Public Management with Honours (BPM- Hons), and Bachelor of Communications with Honours (BComm - Hons).

Private Universities

Curtin University Sarawak is the first offshore campus of Curtin University, Perth, Australia and the first foreign university campus to be set up in East Malaysia. Operations began in 1999 and today the university offers courses for foundation and continuing studies, undergraduate degrees and postgraduate studies up to PhD level. It has a student population of around 3,000. Every aspect of the academic programmes, including course materials and examinations, delivered at the Sarawak Campus are identical to the programmes offered in Perth.

Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus is the sole international branch campus of Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia. It opened in 2000 and is a partnership between Swinburne Australia and the Sarawak government. With over 3,000 students, the university offers undergraduate degrees in engineering, science, commerce, computing and design. Also offered are postgraduate research programs at PhD and masters levels in these disciplines as well as one-year foundation programmes. The courses are identical to those offered by Swinburne's home campus in Melbourne and parchments are awarded by Swinburne Australia.

Other private tertiary institutions in alphabetical order as listed by the Malaysian Qualifications Register are Cosmopoint International College of Technology, Fajar International College, FTMS International College, i-Systems College, Institut Eksekutif, Institut Teknologi Maklumat Nusantara (NIIT Kuching), International College Of Advanced Technology Sarawak (ICATS), INTI College Sarawak, Kolej IBS, Kolej Laila Taib, Kolej Pendidikan Perdana (Pusat Luar Kuching), Limkokwing Borneo, Methodist Pilley Institute, Pusat Teknologi Dan Pengurusan Lanjutan (PTPL) Sarawak, Riam Institute of Technology, SEDAMAI College, SEGi College Sarawak, Sunway College Kuching, Twintech College Sarawak Branch, and UCSI University Sarawak Campus.

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