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Apply for Rebate of Assessment Rates

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Property owners can apply for a reduction or rebate of assessment rates if the property/building is unoccupied and unused for a period of not less than 3 consecutive months with the following term and condition:
  • The building is not undergoing repair works, remains unoccupied and unused
  • The building is in good condition and fit for occupation;
  • The owner has make reasonable effort to obtain a tenant;
  • The rental demanded is a reasonable; and
  • The building has been vacant during the whole period for which the rebate is claimed.
The following supporting document are required for this application :
  1. Proof of efforts to obtain tenant :
  • Photograph of premise with “For Rent” banner ; or
  • Letter of estate agent engage to rent the premise ; or
  • Image of rental advertisement in newspaper/any other media (example:
  1. Online via Service Sarawak portal and mobile apps.
  2. Service Sarawak Centre at UTC Kuching, Sibu, and Miri.
  3. Service counter at Local Council's counter.
  1. This application is subject to approval by the Local Council.
  2. The Local Council have the right to reject the application.
Contact the Local Council for further assistance.