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Request for Permission to Get Married

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All muslim who want to get married must apply permission to get married with Department of Islamic Affairs of Sarawak. The application must be submitted not less than seven (7) working days before the proposed date for the marriage solemnization date
The applicant is required to provide the following supporting document :
  1. Applicant’s passport size photo
  2. A copy of applicant’s identity card or passport
  3. Copy of the wali’s identity card or passport
  4. A copy of applicant’s birth certificate
  5. A copy of wali’s birth certificate(if necessary)
  6. A copy of the woman applicant’s parent’smarriage or divorce certificate
  7. A copy of Pre-marriage course certificate
  8. Statutory declaration or marital status confirmation using Borang Pengesahan Status Perkahwinan Pemohon (Form 1B)
  9. Divorce certificate if the applicant is widow or widower
  10. Death certificate or death presumption order from Court together with his previous    marriage certificate(if applicable)
  11. Wali’s death certificate (if applicable)
  12. Letter of permission from Royal Malaysia Police or  Malaysia Armed Force if the applicant is a police or army personnel (if applicable)
  13. Previous marriage dissolution order from Court if the applicant is a muslim convert (if applicable)
  14. Court’s permission (for polygamy, divorce before the marriage had been consummated underage or wali hakim)
  15. A Registrar’s statement pursuant to section 14(2) of the Ordinance
  16. Borang Wakalah Akad Nikah (Form 1A)
  17. Wali who can not attend the solemnization ceremony; or Wakalah Wali Form prescribed by respective State Islamic Religious Department if wali is staying in that state
  18. Borang Persetujuan Wali Perempuan  (Form 1C)
This service is available online.
Applicant is required to pay the following :
  1. Borang Kebenaran Kahwin - RM10
  2. Surat Perakuan Nikah - RM15
The application of permission to marry must be sent not less than seven (7) working days before the proposed date for the marriage solemnization date
Contact JAIS at 082-507175 for further assistance.