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Online Request of Hydrological Data (Government Agency/Semi Governement Agency)

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The Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) Sarawak is responsible for the setting up and maintenance of hydrological stations network within Sarawak and the collection and dissemination of various hydrological data. Up to date, DID Sarawak have 347 rainfall stations, 153 water level stations, 34 discharge stations, 28 evaporation stations and 22 climate stations (2022).

 DID Sarawak is providing hydrological data to users such as engineers, lecturers, researcher, students etc. free of charge except that users from private agencies (consultant, contractor etc.) are required to purchase one (1) volume of the Sarawak Hydrological Year Book (HYB) before DID Sarawak furnish them the data.

  1. All information given by applicants must be accurate, truthful and factual. If any false or inaccurate information given, the application will not be considered.
  1. The online application form for different category of applicant and  requirement to purchase the HYB are as below:-
No. Applicant Application Form Requirement to
Purchase HYB (Yes/No)
1. Private Agency/
Organization - Contractor/
Online Request of Hydrological Data
(Private Agency/Organization)
2. Government Agency/
Semi Government Agency
Online Request of Hydrological Data
(Government Agency/Semi Governement Agency)
3. IPTA/IPTS- Student/
Online Request of Hydrological Data (IPTA/IPTS) No
4. Individual Online Request of Hydrological Data (Individual) Yes
  1. Applicant from categories 1,2 and 3 above are required to attached an official letter from their respectiveagency/institution/company.
All applicants can make this application through online.
This service is free of charge
Please contact Hydrology and Water ResourcesDivision, Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) Sarawak  for further assistance.
  1. Siti Nur Ummiah Binti Munir, 082-248169
  2. Jika Anak Ketiow, 082-421390
  3. Lenny Melinda Binti Abdullah, 082-410050