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SARAWAK’S FAR NORTH – LIMBANG & LAWAS outside the shophouses across the road, selling all
manner of cheap goods.
LIMBANG Around Limbang
The small market and port town of Limbang is situated
on the narrow tongue of land that divides Brunei in Borneo Touch Ecotour, the only local operator, ofers a
two. It has an idyllic locaion stretched out along the choice of interesing trips around limbang. Possibiliies
eastern bank of the Sungai Limbang. A bustling Malay include proboscis monkey and crocodile spoing
water-village directly across river simply adds to the boat tours amongst the mangroves, the bizarre 80cm
charm. Limbang is a popular weekend desinaion for high mud volcanoes at Kampung Meritam, 35km
Bruneians, but is otherwise seldom visited. from town, day and overnight trips to nearby Iban
longhouses, mountain bike trips to Gunung Buda, visits
to the idyllic Mentawi Ranger Staion at the northern
border of Gunung Mulu Naional Park, and trekking to
Mulu via the historic Headhunters Trail (see Naional
Parks, Gunung Mulu). Call the ever-helpful Mr Lim
Chong Teah on 013-8443861,
Visitors requiring further informaion on Limbang
and its surroundings should feel free to call Mr Chua
Eng Hin, a knowledgeable and enthusiasic local ciizen
who acts as Limbang’s one-man tourism promoion
and informaion service, Tel: 019-8145355, E-mail:
Nearby Atracions
Many of Limbang’s atracions are spread out around Accommodaion
the town, and it is well worth booking a short tour (see
Around Limbang, below) or chartering a taxi for an hour All addresses are 98700 Limbang, Sarawak, Malaysia.
or two. Bukit Mas (gold hill) is a 210m high jungle-clad Telephone dialling code is +6085 from overseas and 085
limestone outcrop which dominates the town. The within Malaysia.
summit ofers excellent views of nearby Brunei and is
accessible via a steep road leading of Jln Pandaruan, Centre Point Hotel, Lot 1587-8, Jln Buangsiol. Tel:
or by foot via a long staircase leading from the Lake 213699. Band A-B
Garden at the eastern end of the town. There is a small Hota Inn, Lot 1453, Jln Buangsiol. Tel: 212733 Band A-B
Buddhist shrine halfway up the summit road. Jia Lun Hotel, Lot 1116, Jln Buangsiol. Tel: 215060 Band B.
Mariner Inn, Lot 1371-3, Jln Buangsiol. Tel: 212922.
There are some well kept Malay and Chinese kampungs Band B.
(tradiional villages) along Jln Pandaruan which ofer Mesra Inn, Lot 787-8, Jln Bank. Tel: 213351. Band B.
excellent photo opportuniies. Further along the road Metro Hotel, Lot 781-2, Jln Bangkita. Tel: 211133. Band B
towards the Brunei Ferry are a number of Kedayan Muhibbah Inn, Lot 790-2, Jln Bank. Tel: 212482. Band A-B.
kampungs where delicious fresh swamp clams are Prime Hotel, Lot 112, Jln Buangsiol. Tel: 213833. Band B.
ofered for sale. If you buy some, most seafood Purnama Hotel (3*), Jln Buangsiol. The best locaion
restaurants in town will be happy to cook them for you. in town. Get a river view room if you can. Tel: 216700, Band B-C.
Back in town, the Royal Park Hotel, Lot 1089-90 Jln Buangsiol, Tel:
Esplanade is a popular 212155. Band B.
place for strolling in the
evening (it is used as Eaing Out
a car park unil 4pm)
with a memorial of the For a small town, Limbang has a remarkably wide
Limbang Rebellion as its choice of dining possibiliies. The following are just a
focal point. The wooden small selecion.
Limbang Museum,
200 metres upriver, has a modest collecion of Chinese: Dozens of Chinese hawker stalls set up
archaeological inds and ethnic arifacts. Downriver is every evening around the three rows of old wooden
an atracive Chinese Temple across from the Purnama shophouses in the town centre, ofering economical
Hotel. There is also a public library (4 loor of Limbang noodle and rice dishes and local specialiies. More
District Council building, adjoining Purnama Hotel) with Chinese hawker stalls operate from early morning
a reference collecion of books on the Limbang region. to late aternoon on the irst loor of the Tamu (wet
The bustling Tamu or wet market is on the waterfront in market) building. More demanding diners will ind
the centre of town, while the informal ‘bawah payung’ a good selecion of Chinese seafood restaurants;
(‘under the umbrella’) market sets up at weekends amongst the most popular are Waterfront Seafood
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