Economic Growth

Sarawak’s basic economic foundations are strong and the economy is well managed. Following large increases in 2003/04, growth remained steady from 2005 through 2008 at between 5.0% and 5.8%, slowing in 09. That year (2009) however saw Sarawak receive the largest share of FDI of all 13 Malaysian States. The 207m high Bakun Hydroelectric Dam is scheduled to come onstream in mid-2011 and renewable energy is expected to be a catalyst for future growth, with an increasing number of foreign investors registering an interest.

The manufacturing sector’s share of GDP (including gas) was 26.7% in 2009 as compared to 21.7% in 2004, 19.2% in 1995, 8.6% in 1987 and 7.7% in 1980.