Full Print Out of Title

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Full printout of title consists of Land Description, Map Sheet Number, Area, Annual Rent, Term of Title, Commencement & Expiry Date, Classification & Category of Land, Date of registration, Locality of Land, Special Conditions, Registered Proprietor(s) includes share, ID & capacity (if any), Encumbrances, Limitations, Easement & Annotation and Remarks Column. Full printout of title is checked and digitally signed by the Registrar and shall be made available to the purchaser within 2 working days upon successfully payment.
General Public
The charges is RM15.00 for the first 2 Pages and RM5.00 for each subsequent page.
This service is available through the following channels :
  1. Any Land and Survey Department customer service counter
  2. Online through portal or mobile apps (eLASIS) 
For any inquiries, please contact nearest Land and Survey Department or contact the 24-hour customer care line 1-300-88-SAINS or 1-300-88-7246 or email callcentre@sains.com.my.